• Industry Journalism
    Persuasive and Creative. We write compelling narratives that grant businesses credibility and intrigue.
  • Social Media & Content Strategy
    Social presence and twitter relevance. It's all interconnected. We've honed the art and science of it.
  • Blog Posting
    Whether it's ghost-writing or on-site, a compelling blog intrigues its readers and builds new sectors of interest.

How We Work

Per hour, per word, per package, or per project. Our writing packages are formulated to be conducive to your business and operations.

We seek ‘meetings of minds’ not business contracts. We’re convinced there are unobtrusive ways of assuming your company voice and filling the capacity of your content creator or administrator.

Ping us by web or phone.

  8 1 6 – 3 3 7- 9 5 4 0 |    joneames@kccreations.us


Social Media

Ever wonder what makes for a good tweet or an inviting Facebook blurb? There’s both a science and an art to it. We don’t sacrifice either.

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