“Blessed are the trending; for they shall inherit engagement”       – Me

HBO’s Game of Thrones, I’ve decided, owes part of it’s widespread popularity to sheer voyeurism. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read four of the books and am up to date with the very latest episodes. But the thing is, I don’t watch it as a work of art or read it as any great feat of storytelling. To me, it’s an intensely interesting story-like compensation. It fictionally parallels and contrasts with a reigning real-life, all-American attitude ; a mentality that, I fear, is rather like a derailed train. This train’s conductor has long since been subdued and all the passenger’s hands “tied.” Chivalry and propriety are mistaken for each other . You could suffocate from all the “niceness” in the air.

When someone acts up in the Game of Thrones Universe, it’s a sword to the gullet. In the real world, it’s a call to 911; a human rights violation write-up; a tough sanction. For every action, there is an outsourced reaction. Drawing the lines between cause and effect is futile. We’re seven degrees of separation away from ourselves. Why fight to the death over honor when you can tweet-war over brand impression?

George RR Martin’s work offers a catharsis for the ineffectual monotony of modern life. Vicariously fighting battles over honor  is a refreshing way to spend a Sunday evening. When the show ends and the credits roll, however, it’s back to the “real” world; chalk full of its own haunts and villains; not the least of which are: climate change, poverty, lack of awareness , and civic apathy.

“Heroes”, in postmodern life, are instruments of the ruling class; drunk on their own sense of self-accomplishment; bloated on self-fulfillment.

Regarding the title

South Park, as usual, succinctly encapsulated the attitude in one memorable act of comedy (from one Hybrid owner to another) … ” THEEEEENKS”

Closing Shout-outs

And so . . .

To Ted Talks speaker Chris Milk, who is developing a virtual reality medium that will successfully generate empathy among those of us lacking in it . . .  THEEEEENKS!

To the valiant vigilante that called the Police on Salon author Kim Brooks for momentarily leaving her child in her locked, temperate vehicle (article)  . . .  THEEEEENKS!

To the IBM programmers spending a third-world budget on a computer that can play Jeopardy . . . THEEEEENKS!

To everyone anywhere who’s latest flatulence was mistaken for an “idea worth spreading” . . .  THEEEEENKS!